The Art of Karl

“Change is the healthiest way to survive”

Designer, photographer, publisher. Karl Lagerfeld is a creative virtuoso. One of the world’s most recognizable and respected fashion legends, he has spread his impeccable talents across a wide range of fashion and art-related endeavours. The Art Shoppe is pleased to collaborate with this design luminary, welcoming Karl Lagerfeld’s signature touch to the design of our lobbies.

Karl Lagerfeld has been a leading figure in the world of fashion design for more than half a century. In 1954, as a young aspiring designer, he won first prize in a contest organized by the secretariat international de la laine (International Wool Association). The winning coat that he designed would end up being produced by Pierre Balmain, and at age 17 he became the renowned designer’s assistant. This was the beginning of an extraordinary career that has seen Karl Lagerfeld ascend to the upper echelons of the fashion design world.

I design like I breathe. You don’t ask to breathe. It just happens.

Art Shoppe - Karl Lagerfeld Interior

While he has indelibly shaped the world of haute couture through his work with prestigious fashion houses such as Fendi, Chanel, Chloé as well as his own eponymous Karl Lagerfeld brand, Karl Lagerfeld has shown that his repertoire extends far beyond the world of fashion design. His constant interest in new experiences and reinvention has led him to an array of multi-disciplinary practices such as photography, costume design, illustration and book publishing. No stranger to the world of interior design, he has demonstrated his prowess through his creative work on the interiors and décor for several luxury hotels and restaurants around the world.

“I love to be creative all the time... if not I would be bored and boredom is a crime”

The consummate master of reinvention will bring his design philosophy of objectivity, simplicity and elegance to the Art Shoppe lobbies.

“Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel always said, ‘I only make dresses I would wear.’ And I make only rooms where I would like to sleep. It’s as simple as that. When I do a thing like this I think, would you live there or not?” – Karl Lagerfeld.