The Yonge and Eglinton area is bustling with unique and trendy health and wellness locations, making it easy to maintain an active lifestyle right in your own neighbourhood. Here are some of the most diverse and fun ways to stay fit in the area.

Barre Beautiful Toronto
2156 Yonge Street

Barre Beautiful offers an innovative way to workout by combining classical dance and strength training with Pilates. The simple yet effective moves leave you feeling tight and toned, while also improving balance, stability and coordination. There are a multitude of classes to choose from, each targeting individual fitness goals such as cardio or sculpt and sweat.

Barre Beautiful
Photo via Barre Beautiful

Spinco Toronto
2577 Yonge Street

Spinco offers 50-minute high intensity spin classes, led by passionate instructors. Each class is set to the most current playlists, making every visit an energy-packed session. Spinning is a great way to enhance endurance and cardio training, which promotes overall heart health. Spinco’s staff creates a positive environment that will push you to meet your full potential.

Photo Source: Spinco

Surfset Toronto
2481A Yonge Street

Surfset is definitely not your typical workout regimen. It was created to move away from traditional workouts and to challenge the body in a fun way. All exercises are executed on a surfboard, which simulates the physical demands of surfing – without the water. It is a full body workout that tests and improves flexibility, core and leg strength, and even posture.

Photo Source: Surfset

Orangetheory Fitness
101 Eglinton Avenue East

Orangetheory Fitness has fitness down to a science; each exercise is carefully designed to guarantee the best results. Group training sessions monitor individual heart rates, to ensure that members stat within their “target zone”, which stimulates metabolism and results in optimal fat burn. Calorie burn may also last for up to 36 hours after each workout, known as the “afterburn”. Weight loss and strength training progress is also easy to track through Orangetheory’s consistent progress monitoring.

Orange Theory
Photo Source: Orange Theory Fitness

Yoga Tree
40 Eglinton Avenue East

Yoga Tree provides a tranquil environment where members can focus on the studio’s three core values: belonging, awareness and growth. With a wide variety of classes and instructors, members are able to find classes that best fit their needs and skill level. Yoga Tree is committed to creating an authentic yoga experience, and being environmentally friendly, with an eco-friendly line of clothing, mats and soap.

Yoga Tree
Photo via Yoga Tree

Vega Power Pilates
2063 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2

Pilates is a workout designed to gently push the body to the limit. Not only does it aid injury rehabilitation, it also encourages weight loss and flexibility. Vega Power Pilates offers both personal and group training sessions that are fun, energetic and motivating for people of all skill levels.

Vega Power Pilates
Photo via Vega Power Pilates

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