The Art of design

“It’s one thing to design. It’s another thing to design beautifully,”

In today’s sophisticated and connected world, there is a growing awareness about the important role of design and its dynamic relationship to the way we live and experience our surroundings. Not only does great design serve to capture our attention or differentiate a product, it enhances the very way we live.

The Art Shoppe is part of the growing international movement toward design-driven residential development, one that is shifting the landscape much as it did with the world of boutique hotels before it. Today’s design-savvy homebuyers recognize and demand the very best in contemporary design, now seeing it as an important extension of their own identity.

“It’s one thing to design. It’s another thing to design beautifully,” says Elaine Cecconi, principal of interior design firm Cecconi Simone. “For us, as a firm, we’ve always been interested in doing beautiful, very thoughtful projects that are impactful and that benefit the people who are living in those spaces.”

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Founded by Elaine and her partner Anna Simone, Cecconi Simone has left its indelible mark on the interior environments of condominiums, hotels and retail spaces around the world. The award-winning firm is known for its clean, modern aesthetic and intelligent use of space.

“We take a holistic approach to design,” says Elaine. “When we’re designing a suite, we look at how someone actually moves through a space and what they experience. Access to daylight, your sightlines when you enter, focal points – these are some of the things that are important to us.”

For Cecconi Simone, it’s all about elevating design, making it an enjoyable experience for those who engage with it. And residents of the Art Shoppe will enjoy the rewards of the firm’s considered approach.

Drawing on the talents of acclaimed interior design firm, Cecconi Simone, the Art Shoppe’s design aesthetic exudes an understated elegance with its soft minimalist palette of white on white, complemented by natural wood tones and interplay of textures. Inspired by the world of art galleries as well as the legendary namesake furniture boutique that once anchored this site, the quiet, subtle design scheme creates a luminous setting where artwork and furnishings are given the spotlight to shine.

Communal spaces are conceived as ever-fluid environments where one room merges effortlessly into the next, interior and exterior living spaces transition seamlessly to maximize views, and surprising visual elements can be found around every corner. This quiet sophistication extends to the residential suite designs, which feature sleek modern finishes and elegant appointments such as the spa-inspired bathrooms; European-inspired kitchens boasting minimalist cabinetry and integrated appliances; and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows that lend a fresh, airy feel throughout. Design-forward. Timelessly modern. In tune with new thinking and international trends. This is living in ultimate style.

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