The Art of Nature

Today, as more people choose to live in dense urban centres, public outdoor space and a connection to our environment plays an increasingly important role in the design of our urban habitats. Places to escape from the clamour of city life, to seek the relief of fresh air and open space, these amenities are vital to our wellbeing and quality of life.

On the third level, renowned urban landscape architects Janet Rosenberg & Studio have designed a lush courtyard framed by a garden wall of boxwood hedges and lined with statuesque trees, offering a tranquil retreat for relaxing or an inspiring setting for yoga. A series of organic-shaped sculptural benches provides a playful perch to lounge. This cloud-like seating, along with other modern touches such as a mirror finish feature wall and polished stainless steel ring tables, offsets the elegant formal geometry of the courtyard plan.

“beautiful modern living it’s a wonderful lifestyle”