Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos

When you visit our Presentation Gallery at 2131 Yonge Street, our sales team will be ready to welcome you into the space and walk you through the finest points of the development.

Before you head on over to Yonge and Eglinton to discover the art of change, we thought it would be great to hear more from the team you will meet, so we sat down with Ryan Yair Rabinovich, VP of Sales at Freed Developments and Eric Kuzuian, President / Broker of Record of PSR - Private Service Realty Ltd. to get up to speed on the transformation happening in Toronto’s midtown.

What building amenity are you constantly telling your clients about?
EK: We always mention the infinity rooftop pool with the cabanas and amazing south city line view. I'm also a big fan of the retail amenity programmed for a large grocer, restaurants and cafes that will enhance the lifestyle for our purchasers.

Who is purchasing at Art Shoppe?
RYR: We designed the building with the end users in mind. Yonge and Eglinton is surrounded by some of Toronto’s greatest low rise residential, and we felt Art Shoppe could provide a great alternative for those who are downsizing or can't quite afford a home in the area. With that in mind we created a suite mix with over 35% 2 bedroom units! I have yet to see a new development in the city with a commitment to making that many large suites. Luckily, we were correct in our assumptions and as a result, have a huge number of direct end user purchasers.

Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos

How do you see the development complementing the neighborhood?
RYR: Currently, most pedestrian traffic is flowing north of Eglinton along Yonge. With Art Shoppe arriving with large scale retail including a leading grocery store chain and lifestyle amenities such as restaurants, shops and cafes people will now have a reason to walk south of Eglinton and be fully engaged in what’s on offer.

EK: What Art Shoppe does is create a great transitional building focused on architecture and design with world-class retail and amenities. It's perfect for a neighbourhood of older high-rise buildings and beautiful low-rise single-family homes, and that's why it was so well received.

What was it like meeting Karl Lagerfeld at the Lobbies by Karl event?
RYR: Karl Lagerfeld is one of the absolute greatest masters of fashion and I was humbled when we met. We had a great chat for a few minutes about the project, and I can say first hand he is as sharp as they come. He asked great questions like why is the project priced so low (on a global scale Toronto real estate is a fantastic deal), commenting on the architecture and sharing his vision for the lobbies. We even talked about Choupette, his famous cat!

Karl Lagerfeld and Ryan Yair Rabinovich

EK: Meeting Karl was a special moment knowing everything he has accomplished and having him collaborate on this project we are selling. I was happier for my wife, Jen, who got to meet him as well, knowing he is her all time favourite designer.

Any spots in the Yonge & Eglinton neighborhood you would have us check out?
RYR: Zaza Espresso Bar. It's like escaping to Italy for a few brief moments. Amazing espresso, and delicious gelato!

EK: Falasca has the most awesome pizza.

How long have you been working in real estate for?
RYR: I've been involved in real estate full time for about 11 years, but before that I used to help my mother, who is a realtor herself, with her business. I remember even sleeping in line for a few nights when I was 18 so her clients could be first in line at new condo launches!

EK: I've been in real estate for 10 years now. What's exciting is seeing the transformation Toronto is currently going through. Seeing more and more developers bringing world-class brands, architects and designers which all contribute to where Toronto is headed – becoming a true world-class city!

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