In the growing King East Design District you’ll find STRUCK Contemporary, a modern art gallery looking to bring something new to the Toronto art community.

STRUCK Contemporary is the passion project of Andrew Bockner, head of the outdoor furniture design company Andrew Richard Designs. Throughout the 4,200 square foot gallery you’ll find artwork by renowned contemporary artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein and Rauschenberg; but tucked among these high-profile pieces are also the works of up and coming modern artists less-explored by Toronto’s art scene.

Man in gallery

As a proud supporter of the art industry, Bockner wishes to bring emerging global artists’ work to Toronto. Bockner mentions that one of the main drivers behind opening a gallery was to appeal to a younger demographic who is interested in art and looking for opportunities to engage.

“There’s so many people that I talk to that are interested in art, except buying art in a gallery in Toronto is pretty much unrealistic. The idea of this is to start having original, affordable art,” he says.
Many of the pieces featured are from Bockner’s personal collection. He describes himself as a big fan of pop art. “I find that it is something everybody stops to look at, and everybody can identify with. It’s accessible, it’s understandable, and that’s what I love about it.”

Marilyn Monroe and Kim Jong Il

The gallery shows no segregation between the works of the greats and the works of younger emerging artists. “I say to some of these artists, ‘I think you’re great and I have no problem hanging you on the same wall as Warhol’, because why not?,” Bockner says.

Many of the pieces featured at STRUCK highlight the marriage between art and music. The gallery’s featured exhibit is currently the Neil Young Series by Grammy award-winning art director, Jenice Heo.

Jenice J Heo pieces

STRUCK also features pieces by local Toronto artists as well, including the works of Samara Shuter and Dani Cooperman. Bockner ensures the gallery will continue to see many more young and established local and international artists in the future.


STRUCK Contemporary is open weekly from Tuesday to Sunday, and is located at 571 Adelaide Street East.

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