Last weekend we had the pleasure of walking the Art Toronto show floor. As expected, we saw artwork that inspired and amazed us, but among the thousands of pieces from over 100 galleries and organizations, we stumbled upon some unexpected and impressive works of art. Here are 3 of our favourites:

1. Annie Briard’s Constructions Series

Annie Briard

Part of the Verge galleries at Art Toronto was Annie Briard’s series of 3D prints, Constructions 1-3. These eye-catching landscape photos immediately draw in the viewer, but the interactive surprise is revealed when you put on the 3D glasses provided. Sections of the pieces pop out providing the illusion of movement, which changes as you alternate between keeping one eye shut and the other open. The multi-dimensional images shake the perspective of the viewer in a delightful and thoughtful way.

Annie Briard Collection

2. Ornithology I

Tucked among a wall of large, dominant pieces we found this quaint mechanical artwork by Juan Fontanive. Screen printed humming birds flip quickly in this motorized piece. Enchanting and engaging, it’s difficult to catch the intricate details of each bird, but its ‘stop motion’ style is enough to hold your gaze. Fontanive has reportedly always had a fascination with the illusion of life that exists in technology, and has created innovative ways to illustrate the ghosts in the machines.

3. Patrick Hughes’ Featured Pieces

Patrick Hughes

The wonderfully deceiving works of Patrick Hughes are typically an Art Toronto favourite, but even if you have seen them before they never cease to have you staring at them from every angle. His 3-dimensional pieces move with the viewer, and reveal surprises along the way; it’s an optical illusion that keeps the audience inspecting the artwork for extended periods of time.

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