The dynamic growth and evolution of the Art Shoppe Condos + Lofts project has gained the interest of future residents and curious passersby alike. In fact, it feels as if the entire city is equally excited to see just how close we are to completing this inspiring project.

This Spring, the flowers aren’t the only things coming into bloom. Here is a look at where project progress stands as of May 2019.

  • The level 27 (Penthouse) slab has been poured
  • Precast Panel installation has passed 50% completion.
  • Window installation continues up to the 15th floor.
  • Interior finishing of the podium continues

Get to Know the Architectural Vision of Peter Clewes

Highly Anticipated Toronto Condo Enjoys a Spring Bloom

Spearheading the architectural vision of Art Shoppe Condos + Lofts is award-winning architect and Principal of Architects Alliance, the venerable Peter Clewes. With over 30 years in practice, Mr. Clewes stands at the forefront of the Toronto condo boom, and as such has had a significant hand in the reshaping of this city over the last several years.

A Passion for Culture – Mr. Clewes possesses an incredible passion for ensuring the vitality and vibrancy of Toronto’s urban core, which extends beyond residential design. He served on the Waterfront Toronto Design Review Panel for five years, and one of the most notable recent projects undertaken by Mr. Clewes and Architects Alliance was to oversee the conversion of Toronto’s old Tower Automotive building into the Museum of Contemporary Art’s inspired new home.

A Comingling of City and Space – Mr. Clewes’ vision for Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos is intended to foster a holistic connection between the city life and the building’s design elements. Unencumbered spaces and sprawling glass walls allow for seamless transitions between interior and exterior, while the 28-storey tower on the north side of the side of the site steps down to a 12-storey podium on the south side to respect the more traditional scale of the buildings southward on Yonge. The result is a building that feels connected to its surroundings, providing future residents with a sense of connection to the city itself.

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