Must-See Things during Luminato

Every year the Luminato Festival gives Torontonians a healthy dose of whimsy arts and culture. The 2 week festival features events and installations throughout the city, and this year its main attraction is the transformation of the Hearn Generating Station. A unique, industrial landmark, the Hearn is currently packed with surprises that will delight, amaze, and inspire you. These are some of the things you won’t want to miss on your visit to the Hearn Generating Station.

Architecture and Installations

Courtesy of Luminato Festival Photo courtesy of Luminato Festival

As you walk through the Hearn you’ll be met by something new and exciting around every corner. The existing architecture at the Hearn is mesmerizing, and some sections have been further accentuated to highlight its unique architectural features. As you continue to explore you’ll also discover a captivating wall of mirrors, and a statue with a live beehive for a head.

A Grandiose Disco Ball

Grandiose Disco Ball Photo courtesy of Toronto Life

Titled “One Thousand Speculations” and designed by Canadian artist Michel De Broin, the lavish disco ball is 7.9 metres wide, made of 1,000 mirrors, and spreads light throughout the Hearn. It’s a great photo-op and an absolutely hypnotic experience.

Le Pavillon Bistro

Le Pavillon Bistro Photo courtesy of Toronto Life

Located in the Hearn’s eerie and enchanting control room, Le Pavillon is a pop-up French restaurant created in collaboration of two esteemed restaurateurs from Toronto and Montreal. Throughout the festival the bistro will feature guest hosts and chefs from popular Toronto restaurants. Le Pavillon offers fine food and a culinary experience you won’t soon forget.

You can see these things and much more at the Hearn Generating Station from now until June 26. A Luminato shuttle bus runs daily from Union Station. More details on how to get to the Hearn are available here.

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Cover photo courtesy of Toronto Life

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