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While the Toronto Christmas Market, located in the charming Distillery District, is in its 7th year of operation, not many know that it’s origins stem from traditional European markets popular during this time of year. From its location in the city to the food and architecture, the market boasts clear European roots. It’s a Christmas wonderland perfect for holiday shoppers and anyone looking to get into the festive spirit.

market Photo Courtesy of Toronto Christmas Market

An old world feel, cobblestone walkways and Victorian red brick buildings make locals and out-of-towners alike feel as though they have travelled to an old European city, like Berlin or Vienna, which both host internationally acclaimed markets. Combining old school charm and a modern feel, the eclectic Distillery District is the perfect place to host this holiday extravaganza.

christmas tree Photo Courtesy of Toronto Christmas Market

A Christmas Tree
There’s nothing that says Christmas like a giant Christmas tree. Across Europe, stunningly large Christmas trees are the main attraction of holiday markets. Decked out in bright lights and beautiful decorations, a true Christmas Market would not be complete without a lavish tree.

restaurant Photo Courtesy of Toronto Christmas Market

Food and Beverage
The market offers a wide variety of European inspired foods and beverages, like wiener schnitzel and sausage with a side of Canadian classics, like artisan grilled cheese and savory poutine. After you’ve treated yourself to something scrumptious, keep yourself warm with a hot cup of mulled wine or one of the Distillery’s local craft beers while you relax with friends and family in the Beer Garden. In Europe, a Christmas Market is not complete without a Beer Garden, equipped with open fires and vendors selling locally crafted beers and other seasonal beverages.

stores Photo Courtesy of Toronto Christmas Market

Wood Cabins
Common characteristics to European Christmas Markets are the wood cabins where vendors sell their goods. These small woodsheds are each decorated in white twinkle lights and exude the rich smells of the goodies that are being created inside. From sweet and savoury treats, to unique trinkets, you’ll find a gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

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